BikeRadar Live YouTube Raleigh-featuring tease garners hits a-plenty

Half a million see BRL’s Martyn Ashton video

British trials rider Martyn Ashton’s latest YouTube video has notched up an impressive 482,000 views.

The four minute video was filmed as teaser for Future’s forthcoming BikeRadar Live, charting Ashton’s route to the festival and filmed around Porthcawl, Windsor and Brands Hatch – the latter being venue for the event.

The clip sees Ashton ride a Raleigh Avanti Carbon road bike over rocks, around a skate park and across a variety of improbable obstacles.

Ashton said: “After an initial quick spin outside my house I was pretty confident of what I could do on the bike. I really wanted to ride all the stunts on the drop bar position throughout and managed that, which was cool.”

Ashton confirmed that the stunts are all his own work: “The suggestion that we’ve in any way set shots up is crazy – what would be the point? There are no fake moves or off-screen help. No post-production effects were used for the riding.”

BikeRadar Live takes place on the weekend of July 10th and 11th.

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