Pacific Cycle, the relatively new owner of GT, has secured the services of the product team that goes to make up the company's Technical Division. New offices have just opened in Lake Forest, California.

GT’s design team to stay in California

Pacific Cycle’s GT Technical Division is responsible for creating, developing, and managing the GT Global IBD line.

"We needed the strongest team possible in order to assure the high quality and performance of GT products," said Bob Ippolito, Pacific’s executive vice president of Product & Service.

"We were able to retain the core GT product team. They have vast hands-on experience managing and creating the product image that made GT successful in the IBD market. California has been a leading area of product design and innovation. We will maintain that influence in the GT product by keeping the GT office in California."

The staff includes: Mark Peterman, director of product development; Pete Garski, international sales director; Robert Kahler, senior product manager; Barry Burke, director of research & development; and Jason Ablang, industrial designer.

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