But don't look if you're at all offended by the sight of bare breasted women, because the centre-spread in today's Sun newspaper is all about a re-creation of the 1978 cover photograph from Queen's 'Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls' single.

GT BMXes splashed across centre pages of The Sun

"What a brilliant family newspaper," said Russell Merry of Hot Wheels, as he cut out the centre-spread for display on his office wall.

The 18 models were photographed at Crystal Palace athletics track. The bikes were all GT Zone’s, supplied by Hot Wheels.

The reason for the photoshoot – exclusive to The Sun – was to promote the new PlayStation 2 computer game, BMX XXX.

"Billed as the first 18-rated PlayStation game, it features video clips from a New York strip club, plus prostitutes, pimps, pink poodles mating . . . oh, and a topless BMX rider," said The Sun.

And before anybody asks where those 18 bikes – and their saddles – have gone, they’re all being given away as prizes by Acclaim Entertainment, the producer of the BMX XXX PS game (and also producer of the two Dave Mirra games to date, which have sold 3m units worldwide).

BMX XXX goes on sale on Friday. Three store chains in the US have already banned it.

"But if the girls in the game are anything like these raunchy riders, it will take a lot more than a few ruffled retailers to put a spoke in its success," said The Sun.

As well as shady characters, and female BMXers in various states of undress, BMX XXX features BMX riders Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Dave Osato, Troy McMurray and Mike Laird.

Also on the game is Chad Degroot, and more than 100 of his signature motion captured moves.

The PS game also allows gamers to add rather odd accessories to the bikes, including bottle rocket launchers, fire extinguishers, and leaf blowers.

There are 50+ in-game sponsors and equipment manufacturers, who provide "performance building upgrades as you progress through the game." The featured bikes are said by Acclaim to be "hyper-detailed."

And Enhanced Skeletal Dynamics System creates the "most realistic crashes ever."



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