“We had one of the best ID meetings in GT history this week, a reflection of an outstanding year thus far,” said Pete Garski, director of GT’s international sales. “Our 2005 model year international sales are up more than 37% over the 2004 model year.”

GT awards international distributors at annual meeting

Hot Wheels of the UK won two awards: International Distributor of the Year and Best Press Award.

International Distributor of the Year is presented to the distributor who has demonstrated sales growth along with success in developing GT’s position as a market-leading brand in their domestic market.

“Since our inaugural year as a GT distributor, we’ve seen sales growth in excess of 50 percent in each subsequent year,” said Neil Merry of Hot Wheels.

“Having seen the bikes, designs and developments that are planned, we are confident of a bright future for our company and the GT brand.”

The Bicycle Authority of Australia won Best Marketing Award and Most Outstanding BMX International Distributor.

Aspire, V.O.S. of the Czech Republic won Most Outstanding Adult International Distributor.

Omnico Ltd. of South Africa won Most Outstanding Road Bike International Distributor.

W.H. Worrall & Co. of New Zealand won Best Product Feedback Award.

Biciclass of Mexico won Most Improved International Distributor.

Stephen Robinson of The Bicycle Authority said: “GT is moving forward with great leaps and bounds. I see vast improvements every year and they’re going well beyond my expectations. The product is amazing, spec, colour and graphics are all dialled and 2006 is going to be an amazing model year.”

Russell Merry of Hot Wheels said:

“Getting good test reports and coverage for the GT brand is made easier by the fact that magazine editors want to test bikes that are innovative and the 2005 GT bikes have that innovation and have received very favourable test reports.

"GT’s product managers have struck the balance between listening to market needs and trying to lead the market just right. The result is great bikes consumers will want to ride and dealers will be able to sell.”

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