Academics at Leeds University are tinkering with an airborne pothole spotter

Groundbreaking Drone tech to auto-repair potholes in future?

Thanks to scientists at Leeds University, potholes could in future be automatically spotted and repaired from the air thanks to specially designed drones.

Academics taking part in the research and development have a goal of creating "self repairing cities", with automated drones fixing everything from street lighting to potholes. Trials on the streets of Leeds could soon be a reality.

Leading the project, Professor Phil Purnell from the School of Civil Engineering said: “We want to make Leeds the first city in the world to have zero disruption from street works.

“We can support infrastructure which can be entirely maintained by robots and make the disruption caused by the constant digging up the road in our cities a thing of the past.”

Getting council workforces on the case faster has in recent times been helped along by the likes of the CTC’s Fill That Hole App, something which has received Government backing.

Read more on the Yorkshire Evening Post.

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