Professional racer designs bike around 'inner drive system', a concept that encloses all drive train components

Gregory Zielinski Kickstarts with ”MTB designed from the ground up”

Polish mountain bike racer Gregory Zielinski has created a new concept bike under the Nuseti Bikes banner, which features a fully enclosed drivetrain, supposedly impervious to mechanical and weather related wear and tear.

The Inner Drive System is said to be permanently lubricated, waterproof and as a result, more environmentally friendly than convential open drivetrains.

“With this drive, you will simply discover mountain biking once again in a new, better way – free from any drive’s malfunctions and free from frequent maintenance. Whatever you were afraid to do with your bike on trails just because you thought that something could go wrong with your bike’s drive, now you can do it and that makes a huge difference in riding comfort,” said Zielinski.

Zielinski, who has won seven national championships and also made it twice to the podium of European Championships, designed the bike based on his own experience. The visual concept was created in 2008, and the working prototype followed in 2010.

Since then, the project has successfully passed through the number of tests related to the IDS’ performance.

“We are currently working on developing a carbon fiber frame, which is the last stage of development in our game changing project,” said Zielinski. 

The crowdfunding campaign will help finish the development stage, begin production of the bikes, and establish a global network for after-sales service and support. A £500,000 target is in place to fund the project.

Supporters of the campaign will enjoy a variety of Nuseti products, ranging from clothing with a £20 contribution to a completely assembled Nuseti Bike for £3,750. Framesets for building a bike with preferred components are also available with a £2,045 contribution. Clothing and bike components can even be customised.

Read more on the labels Kickstarter page, here.

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