Firm now includes environmentally sound suggestions for consumers on its products

Green Oil to feature eco tips on bottles

Green Oil UK is catering for increasingly environmentally conscious consumers with ‘green living tips’ on bottles.

The tips will aim to dispel green myths such as the misconception that leaving a car engine running instead of turning it off when not in use for a short time uses less petrol than restarting the engine. The tips will also encourage customers to buy recycled paper, avoid plastic bags and save water.

The new labels support Green Oil’s ‘triple bottom line’ – financial, social and environmental.

“Time and time again I’ve seen empty buildings with lights left on, people parked with their engines running, and this is despite a recession,” explained Green Oil UK director Simon Nash. “We hope therefore riders will find the Green Oil Green Living tips helpful and interesting.”

The firm has also unveiled quirky barcode art, used first on the Bicycle Brush. More recently, Green Oil’s CF3 has a barcode shaped like a mountain, with a cyclist riding down the side of it, while the EcoSponge features a ‘Baah Code’. All bar codes are GS1 compliant, ensuring they will scan correctly on shop barcode readers.

Green Oil is distributed by Upgrade in the UK. Call 01403 711 611 for more information.

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