"Popeye took a daily dose of spinach to support his athletic endeavours. We like to think that we're today's spinach." That's how Endless Pursuits of the US describes its GPS-to-web training performance tracking service.

GPS graphing add-on gets enthusiasts cycling further and more often

Endless Pursuit – formerly TrekAnalyst – is an upload-to-the-web service for outdoor sports enthusiasts. GPS users upload training data and positions via their PCs to the Endless Pursuit website. This then converts the data to graphs, bar-charts, maps and other metrics, enabling users to plot their performance per trip and over time.

"Unless you train with a professional coach, no other system can provide you such an extensive array of performance analysis, feedback, and the ability to objectively track and compare progress," claims Endless Pursuit.

Currently, the system works only with US maps and GPS data collected in North America.

The Endless Pursuit website sells GPS units, handlebar brackets and other goodies but the online database works with any GPS dataset. The basic service is available via registration, with more metrics, more saved trips and other services available for a fee. There 50 different performance metrics, 15 charts and topographical map and aerial photo overlays of a user’s route.

The system could be used by ‘weekend warriors’ through to team riders, with daily workouts sent by email to trainers or team managers.

Usually, GPS data has to be input into PC plotting software manually, the Endless Pursuit database is automated and includes metrics not easily available elsewhere.

Endless Pursuit was founded by Jack Robson and Brian Higgins, PhD., in 2002. Robson has 18 years of software development and management experience, having worked at IBM, Microsoft, and Apple Computer. Higgins, a metrics expert, is an associate professor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.


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