It's easier to ditch targets than meet them. But the announcement in today’s Transport Strategy that all national targets to increase cycle use are to be ditched is still a bitter pill to swallow. Organisations such as CTC and others are up in arms... However, there are a few crumbs of comfort in today's report...

Government abandons national cycling targets

Tory government commitments to quadruple cycle use date from the National Cycling Strategy targets of 1996, which were later included in John Prescott’s 10-year-plan, are to be replaced by as yet undisclosed local targets.

CTC Director, Kevin Mayne, said: “After eight years of patchy support for cycling, and having realised that it could not meet its own national targets, the Government may be using Local Authorities to sweep its commitment to cycling under the carpet.”

“Local provision for cycling is currently a postcode lottery and it remains unclear how the new targets will work. We need assurances that they will match the national targets they replace and will be rigorously monitored, enforced and funded.”

Despite ditching targets, the DfT has said it has:

A commitment to use cycling to increase levels of physical activity and boost public health

A commitment to work with the voluntary sector

A recognition of the value of cycle training

An acknowledgement of the positive effect that congestion charging has on levels of cycling.…/challenge.htm

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