Today at the TUC Congress in Brighton the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is calling on Britain's unions to unite behind its fight for cleaner air. Walk or cycle to work, says the CSP. The org is promoting its campaign with a pic of two children being taken to school in anti-pollution face-masks.

Go to work on a bike, urges physio body

Claiming the UK is choked by "filthy fumes from traffic and industry," the CSP chair of Council, Grahame Pope said:

"Struggling to breathe is frightening, especially for children. No parent wants to see their children off to school in a face mask, but unless the government, car manufacturers and drivers do their bit to improve air quality, this is a possible scenario.

"Fresh air is a right not a privilege. But our latest readings show no progress has been made towards cleaning up the filth we breathe, day in, day out, since the CSP started looking at air quality in January."

The CSP wants to see unions lobby the government to show greater commitment to achieving cleaner air, and encourage workers to reduce fumes in the air by avoiding using motor vehicles whenever possible, such as by cycling or walking to work.

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