The Las Vegas-based subsidiary of Whistler Investments, Inc. will be unveiling a prototype lithium-ion powered bicycle at the GLOBE 2004 Conference being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, March 31st-April 2nd. Other Whistler subsids will be showcasing lithium-ion powered cars and motorbikes.

Global Electric to showcase lithium-ion bicycle at Canadian expo

The lithium-ion converted bicycle can travel at speeds over 15 mph, travel for over two hours without the need to recharge and needs only 1-2 hours to recharge.

Global Electric’s tech founder, Chaz Haba, will be hosting a seminar at the show, ‘The Power of Lithium and Global Electric Transportation.’

Globe 2004 is a biannual environmental management and technology expo, attended by 10 000 execs and government officials from 75+ countries.

Not interested in electric bikes? How about extra juice for your wifi-enabled laptop or portable DVD player? As well as lithium-ion powered transport, Global Electric is working on a Lithium Portable Power Pak that will add an additional 8-12 hours of use time to your favourite toys, er sorry, executive producitivity devices.

The Powrr Pak will also have the ability to charge cell-phones through laptop USB ports.

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