Firm teams up with Bromley IBD

Giant brand store programme expands again

Continuing its march into retail, and its global strategy to make cycling accessible to all, the Bromley Giant Store has opened its doors to the public.

The shop occupies 180m2 on Bromley’s Widmore Road, handily positioned close to central London and Kent’s leafy countryside.

We’ve got images of the new store here.

The new store is the result of a partnership with IBD Ross Cycles. Owner Ross Mutrie said: “We’re looking forward to continue representing Giant. With the new store’s amazing environment it really promises a whole new experience combined with great product and our very enthusiastic and experienced team.”

Ian Beasant MD of Giant UK said: “The business model focus’ on understanding the consumer and the cycling experience to ensure the end user gets a guarantee of satisfaction from their final purchase. The location in Bromley provides the perfect brand store environment.”

Giant is planning to continue to roll its store programme out across ‘key target locations’ and is already in discussions with independent partners to that effect, the firm revealed.

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