Sustrans dont just want to create new cyclists, they want to get existing ones cycling more. Manna from heaven! The more miles that get ridden the more upgrades will be needed for the nations bikes. Their latest wheeze for squeezing more miles out of people is an award scheme for distance covered

Get your customers to ride their bikes more

Sustrans may stand for Sustainable Transport but the Bristol-based charity wants to wear out the nations bike chains, blocks, tyres and other peripherals. To encourage greater use of the 5000-mile National Cycle Network Sustrans has designed an award scheme for long distance cyclists.

If you, or any of your customers, cycle 500, 1000 or 2000 miles on different routes on the Network, and can provide evidence of your achievement using a stamping scheme, a reward is the result.

This reward apart from the personal satisfaction aspect takes the form of a t-shirt, a mug and a badge. Collect the set!

John Grimshaw, Director of Sustrans, said: With more and more people riding the National Cycle Network this reward is for the dedicated cyclist. Long distance routes are springing up across the UK so there are plenty of opportunities to Ride the Net.

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