The Bicycle Association will be launching its website in a fortnight and this will likely store Bike Hub graphics in a multitude of downloadable formats, but until then here's some logos for suppliers and IBDs to use in promotional artwork such as letterheads, invoices, t-shirts, on-bike decals and on websites.

Get yer Bike ‘Ub logos ‘ere

This is a hi-res JPG of the Bike Hub logo.…/BikeHubLogo.jpg

Colour-split EPS and TIFF formats will be loaded here soon.

There will also soon be a new ‘graphics download’ section on for useful bike trade logos.

The pix displayed here are from a 6mb PDF detailing correct use of the BikeHub logo. We have already broken one of the rules: the Bike Hub logo is not meant to be displayed under a certain size but the logo has been reproduced on the BicycleBusiness masthead as a weeny logo.

This will be made bigger for all following issues. The Bike Hub logo is now a permanent feature on the left-hand side of and perhaps UK consumer-facing cycle websites and mags will do likewise. They ought to, they are, after all, paying into the Bike Hub fund just like the majority of UK bike trade companies and IBDs.

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