Have you ever lobbied your local schools to get them to implement Safe Routes to School projects? Sustrans has now produced a leaflet that answers a lot of the why? and how? questions you may be faced with

Get kids on bikes, with new Sustrans leaflet

Road traffic accidents, health inequalities, air and noise pollution, and increased car dependence are the major issues addressed in a new

information sheet, The Health Benefits of Safe Routes to Schools, available free from Sustrans

The sheet is aimed at schools and local authorities planning, or implementing, a School Travel Plan or Safe Routes to Schools initiative.

Rhian Barnes, Sustrans Safe Routes to Schools Senior Projects Officer,

said: "This new information sheet demonstrates the positive improvements

Safe Routes to Schools projects can bring to the physical, mental and

social health of young children."

Traffic injuries are the major cause of death in under 15’s and, over the last 30 years, there has been a 50 per cent increase in the number of children with wheezing and a steep increase in asthma. The Safe Routes to

Schools project reflects a comprehensive strategy, offering a healthy

alternative to the motorised ‘school run.’ It complements the Health Schools Standard set out by The Department of Health and the Department of Education, that promotes cycling and walking to and from school.

The new sheet shows how a Safe Routes to Schools scheme can produce

positive results and tackle the health and safety issues that arise from

increased car dependency. Benefits include:

· Improved child health and independence

· Greater social inclusion

· New cycle and walking routes

· Reduced traffic speed

· Decreased car numbers

· New crossing points

· Reduced congestion and pollution

· Reduced road traffic casualties

The information sheet is available from the Sustrans Publications

Department. Tel: 0117 929 0888

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