A school which wants to plug into new government grant schemes needs to produce a School Travel Plan. Here's how.

Get cash for cycle-to-school projects

In September 2004 the Departments of Education and Transport teamed up to promote cycling to school, and other methods of reducing car traffic close to schools.

Download the PDF – Travelling to school: An Action Plan from here: http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/…/index.cfm?id=5154

The main developments outlined in the action plan are:

Additional capital grants (typically of around £5,000 for primary schools and £10,000 for secondary schools) will be available to schools with travel plans

A network of school travel advisers in LEAs will support schools in preparing and implementing their travel plans

Possible changes to Government legislation to allow some local authorities to pilot ne


Individual school travel plans will need to be tailored to local circumstances. Where a school has strong links with other schools in the area (for example a secondary and itsfeeder primary schools) it should always consider developing a joint school travel plan.

However, there are elements that we consider every school travel plan must contain.

It must be a written document and include:

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