Hand pump and CO2 inflation package heading for Zyro

Genuine Innovations “Mountain Pipe” shipping this week

Genuine Innovations newly developed ‘Mountain Pipe’ is now shipping and should be in stock with UK distributor Zyro inside weeks.

Combining both a hand pump and a CO2 tyre inflator in one package, the system is designed to for high volume/low pressure mountain bike tyres.

Just like it’s SecondWind Road cousin, the cartridge connects to the handle of the pump barrel for storage and pumping leverage. Its CO2 feature works like the firm’s Microflate Nano, just twist and inflate. Unscrew the handle to reveal a hidden storage compartment with tire patches and Schrader adapter included.

The Mountain Pipe is one of what the firm calls “Elite” branded series products. Along with a premium black and foil package card, the Mountain Pipe is also packaged with an all black 16-gram threaded CO2
cartridge that is only available on select Genuine Innovations products this year.

The Mountain Pipe is also available in two colors, black with green barrel or white with green barrel.

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