Garmin of Switzerland is suing Bryton of Taiwan over cycle computer 'lookalike' tech

Garmin sues Bryton for patent infringement

A Garmin subsidiary in Germany has filed a patent infringement suit in Kansas, USA, against Bryton Inc.

Garmin accuses Bryton’s products of mimicking the appearance and functionality of Garmin’s Edge cycle computers, resulting in the infringement of Garmin’s design and utility patents.

Andrew Etkind, Garmin’s vice president and general counsel, said:

“We are proud of the intellectual property rights awarded to our innovative products and we have little tolerance for companies that attempt to trade unfairly on those rights."

Garmin is seeking a preliminary injunction to bar the sale of Bryton’s Rider 30 product in the US.

The Düsseldorf District Court has already issued interim injunctions against Bryton and several of its German distributors banning the sale of the Rider 30 in Germany. These interim injunctions are preliminary orders and subject to a possible appeal, said a statement from Garmin.

In the UK, Garmin is distributed by Madison, and Bryton by Zyro.

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