System compatible with all the latest consoles.

Gamercize cycle gaming system

Gamercize has developed a cycle machine that plugs directly into PCs, the Nintendo Wii, Playstations, or just about any games console on the market. The system displays an on-screen cyclist when the users starts pedalling, if you stop moving the game or PC will automatically pause, only restarting when you do.

Business in Sport and Leisure CEO, Brigid Simmonds, who also worked on the Foresight Obesity Report, which found that as much as 60 per cent of the nation would be obese by 2050 praises the invention:

“This is a great British invention that could begin to bridge the gap between exercise levels of both adults and children today and what they should be doing. It makes it realistic to achieve an hour’s exercise in a lunch time if you’re stuck in the office and likewise for children who would rather stay inside playing games.”

The Canadian and US markets are embracing this new technology, which is proving to be a big hit in both schools and homes. The UK has so far been a little bit slower on the uptake.

With pricing comparable to the Wii fit it is affordable and achievable for every household with a computer or games console to own one. You can order online and find more information at

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