Got lost somewhere in Hall B7 and remained there for 3 days on end? We've got you covered for product highlights

Gallery: Eurobike 2016 product and awards round up

Eurobike 2016 has wrapped – drawing some 45,870 trade visitors (2014: 46,300) from 103 countries – plus an additional 20,730 consumers (2014: 21,100) on public day, as well as 1,766 journalists from 39 countries. 

If you’re anything like us, there’s a very real possibility you got lost somewhere in the many Zeppelin halls and hid until it was all over, so with that in mind, here’s our attempt at covering the super show in pictures. 

News from the exhibition is to follow in abundance very shortly, but in the meantime, here’s a few of our favourite items – be they beautiful, funcational or extremely quirky – from the show floor.

1: Hope say their carbon bar may still be some time off given the firm’s length process of testing and refinement, but they did tease this prototype in Germany

2: Magura continues to branch out on integrating electronics elsewhere on the bicycle – this time with the Elect dropper post. Surprisingly smooth and ready for action, this is one to watch.

3: His is not the first to try a double-ended inner tube, but Louis from Vancom introduced us to his take on the snake tube. This design features a plug in end-to-end design, meaning no overlap. Will it work? BikeBiz has one to play with, so we’ll let you know shortly.

4. As is always the case, Thule had a bundle to introduce and lured us in with world class coffee. A highlight for us and undoubtedly for many struggling with their racks will be the Velospace rack. Look bottom left, that’s a small fold out wheel that’ll make getting that bulky rack from the shed to the car much easier. Thule has really focused on the minor details this year and we expect they’ll make a big difference:

5: Speed Pedelecs. There’s plenty of discussion to come on exactly how these will fit into the UK market, as currently there’s no specific legislation, which technicaly means these are mopeds… But what everyone wants to know is how do they ride? Fun shouldn’t be the word we lean toward first, but on a test track you forget all else and simply enjoy the effortless speed. When these land in the UK (and they are on the way) we expect these to drive fresh interest toward the electric segment, offering 30mph assisted speed in an instant. Getting away from the lights ahead of the traffic and lapping up the commute mileage will be a doddle with this tech.

6: This one speaks for itself. In fact getting this photo was a pain to get with the gathered crowds, so we’re not sure yet whether this De Rosa build has a name. 

7: Rotor’s new Uno groupset was again drawing quite a crowd. We’ll have more info on this one online shortly, but the test rigs set up on the booth did suggest this entry has something different to offer.

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