BikeBiz rolled on down to the first handmade exhibition to take place at London's Olympic velodrome

Gallery: Bespoked handmade bicycle show

Missed out on the Bespoke show over the weekend? BikeBiz has you covered with a gallery of highlights now live on our facebook page here.

In what could be a record breaker, the most expensive bike in the room (seen below) came from Veleboo – who have patented their own method for shaping bamboo, coming up with lines that may have tricked you into thinking it was a carbon build. And yes, that’s gold, 24-carat plated to the components. €36,000 if you’re interested, though we were told the 30 made so far are all pre-ordered.

If you’re interested in taking up handmade bike building, The Bicycle Academy surprised us with some very reasonable rates. Based in Froome, the firm have several packages, many of which involve you first producing a frame to be sent to an African charity. If your work is up to standard, you’ll then produce your own frame. The standard course lasts six days and costs £1,400. The Academy can teach CAD deisgn, Brazing, TIG welding, mitre guidance and much more.

Isla Bikes also exhibited a selection of its ‘research and development bikes’ in adult sizes. These not for sale builds are created solely in order to develop the kid’s bikes, which is a shame, because some of the builds look very capable.

Check out the gallery for more here.

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