Or how the Old Bill wanted custom neckwear from Fort Bill...

Fuzz demands Buff baksheesh

After a long and very wet weekend at Fort William manning a stand at the UCI World MTB championships, the Buff boys – Jools, Mark and Henry of Buffera Ltd, supplier of Buff neck and head thingies – were driving their motor-home and van with trailer, back down to Hertfordshire on Monday night.

The ‘Buff Mobile’ is a 32-foot mini-artic and sports 12-foot logos down the side.

Once successfully flagged down, the driver of the motorhome, Buffera’s Jools Peppit, was asked by the police if the vehicle had just been in Fort William.

Feeling he was about to be collared for an unknown driving offence, Peppit admitted this had been the vehicle’s most recent domicile and waited for the coup de grace.

The Buff boys weren’t booked, though. Instead, they were asked to supply a UCI custom buff. It turned out the police officer was a regular at the UCI Fort Bill races but couldn’t get time off for this most recent one, hence the pulling over of the Buffed-up convoy.

The copper got his Buff.

"Does this constitute modern-day Highway robbery?" asks a bemused Buff boss.


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