Media firm running two trade day seminars - including 'How IBDs can compete in today’s bike market'

Future to run IBD seminars at Cycle Show

Future Publishing will be revealing how how independent bike dealers can use their strengths to win more business at seminars on Cycle Show’s trade day this week.

On Thursday 27th September Matt Jonas, leader of the cycling research programme at Future – the UK’s largest print and online cycling publisher – will share insights into how independent bike shops can compete in today’s bike market in a trade seminar at the Cycle Show at 10.30am.

Jonas will talk about the challenges facing local independent bikes shops and look at strategies to overcome them. Drawing on a range of research, including an ongoing study talking to over 10,000 cycling enthusiasts in the UK and US, Jonas will shed light on how independent dealers can keep hold of their customers, as well as bringing more through the doors.

He said: “Despite the impressive gains made by large online retailers in the industry over the last few years, it’s not all bad news for independents. There’s actually plenty to be positive about. It’s about focusing their efforts.

“We’ve got a wealth of data on cycling enthusiasts in this country, and in the US,” says Matt. “We’ve collected a lot of information that’s helpful to big brands but we’re also interested in how we can support local independents.”

James Morell, Future’s head of search, social media and affiliates, will also present a seminar at 1.30pm on the trade day at the Cycle Show, focused on how bike dealers can maximise the visibility of their websites in search engines via a few simple techniques.

Both seminars are free to attend with entry to the Cycle Show.

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