Publisher announces a new look for Mountain Biking UK magazine

Future reveals MBUK revamp

Hot on the heels of Cycling Plus’ redesign, a new look for Future’s Mountain Biking UK has been unveiled ahead of its consumer launch on May 4th.

Cover mounted with a 116-page guide book of MBUK’s top 50 Best Trail Centres, the redesign will have more products reviewed and improved photography, with three new sections, an extra route feature and four pull out maps in each issue. the new sections include ‘Out Front’ – featuring five things the MBUK team think are most important each month, ‘The Pulse’ – a new front section with interviews and more, and finally the ‘MBUK Manual’ – the final section of the mag with tips, skills and maintenance walkthroughs.

Designed to make the magazine a easier, clearer and more engaging read, the revamp follow extensive reader research that found MBUK’s has a wider and changing audience demographic. The average age of an MBUK reder has increased from 21.5 year to 26.6 in the past five years, with 25 to 44 year olds making up 50 per cent of the MTB market, according to TGI statistics. That demographic is focused on trail riding, and gear and product reviews, Future said.

Mountain Biking UK editor Danny Walter explained: “Our new redesign really showcases what MBUK is all about; we’ve responded to the reader research and have essentially grown the magazine with our audience – we’re still celebrating everything that is great about mountain biking, but we’re trying to make the magazine even more accessible and practical to all ages.

"The new design layout should make it an even better read, and the inclusion of the new bound-in maps section will provide a real treat for mountain bikers; giving them maps which they can pull out and keep, building up a collection of rides around the UK.”

The mag has increased in price by a mere 5p to £4.25. It goes on sale May 4th.

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