Halfords Christmas ad leads with a fork on backwards, while Matt Priest stakes his claim among the UK's most stylish riders

Friday round up: bangers, clangers and big spiders

It’s Friday and that means that it’s so very nearly time to cast off the 9 to 5 shackles and go for a ride. It also means that we at BikeBiz will share with you all the great videos we’ve come across in the cycling world this week. Are we working hard, or hardly working?

First of all, one for the eagle eyed – Halfords’ new Christmas advert drops an unfortunate clanger that will end up in the forks on backwards hall of shame. Look out for the red Apollo at 0:12. Doh! (Video now removed, sorry if you missed it. If you squint the offending cycle is in the above image)


From clangers to bangers, Matt Priest lit up the internet on Thursday with his 2013 Source edit, which has a mix of huge gaps and style that just can’t be copied.

Unfortunately we haven’t figured out how to embed the following video, but it’s another unmissable flick with some Rampage-esque downhill action. Cool slow-mos and stunning HD scenery galore, all here.

And finally, it’s not a vid, but still managed to creep its way on to ITV News. Look what landed with Seventies this week, all the way from Taiwan – a great big Huntsman spider. Can anyone beat this for exotic wildlife turning up in shipments?

And you might be sick of hearing about how good Dutch cycling infrastructure is, but here’s another example anyway from Eindhoven, this time of a ‘floating bike roundabout’, which is pretty elegant (as spotted on the Electric Bike Report).

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