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Free webinar: The American Bicyclists’ Path to Purchasing a Bicycle

The Gluskin Townley Group of the US has a gift for you: an industry webinar. The consultancy normally charges fifty bucks for its monthly webinars but the December one is free to "celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the New Year," says industry veteran Jay Townley.

Tonight’s webinar is called "The American Bicyclists’ Path to Purchasing a Bicycle", and while it’s clearly US-specific there will be plenty to chew on for an international audience (and, hey, it’s free). The show starts at 6pm Eastern which is 11pm in the UK, but will also be available later as an audio download.

The subject matter is:

Who are the adult Americans on the Path to Purchasing a bicycle?
What type of bicycle are they searching for?
How much time did they spend on the Path to Purchase?
What are the sources used for researching a bicycle purchase?
Where did Adult Americans shop in-store and online?
Where did they make their actual purchase after researching and shopping?
Who are the non-buyers, that researched and shopped but didn’t buy, and why?
Who were the adults who stayed completely off the Path to Purchase a bicycle, and why?

The webinar can be accessed by signing up and ignoring the bit which asks you to pay $49. You’ll get an email with free log-in details.

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