Tools and pump available to passing cyclists gratis

Free on-street bike pitstop launched in London

Within 100 metres of one of London’s busiest Cycle Superhighways a free on-street pitstop for bicycles has been launched.

‘London’s first free on-street pitstop’ opened in Bankside, close to Superhighway 7 across Southwark Bridge, last week. It provides cyclists with tools for repairs or adjustments as well as a pump.

Better Bankside worked with a consortium of pro-cycling groups to set the work stand up.

The bike repair stand is designed and built for the urban world and includes a stable mount for any bike and comes with eight tools to make adjustments and repairs on the spot. Located outside the Bankside Community Space on Great Guildford Street, it is bolted to the concrete pavement for stability and security, and its reinforced construction makes it resilient to frequent public use.

It has already been dubbed ‘the Pink Pitstop,’ by Bankside locals due to its unmistakeable colour. It is powder-coated to ensure it will remain pink over the years and its unique I-beam construction prevents bicycles from being locked to it. Instruction stickers on the stand indicate how cyclists should use the tools. The pump comes with a built-in gauge that fits the most common bicycle valves. Optional repair tools include two tyre levers and an adjustable wrench, tethered by aircraft cables.

The consortium funding the bike repair stand and pump station included Better Bankside, the business improvement district for Bankside and Transport for London through the Bid4BIDS programme. The stand and pump were supplied by Cyclehoop.

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