Dominique Perben, France’s Minister of Transport, has appointed the country's first 'Cycling Czar'. Hubert Peigné will the French equivalent of Phillip Darnton, chair of Cycling England. What's the French for "getting more people on bikes, more often?"

France appoints ‘Monsieur Velo’

The news of the appointment was welcomed by Brian Montgomery, the Paris-based president of the European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association.

"The official announcement came yesterday. It has almost made it a couple of times but ministerial changes have always pushed it back but, at last, we have a high official responsible for the development of the bicycle in France.

Peigné will work on increasing safety for cyclists and will aim to boost bicycle parking and get public transport operators to ‘think bike’.

"A committee is being established to review the French Highway Code in respect to the bicycle," said Montgomery.

‘This should throw up some interesting aspects – and there should be sympathetic treatment because M. Peigné is very well known and liked by the cycle community. He was our chairman during the steering committee of Velo-City Paris, and did an excellent job.

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