Cycling is not football. There are no paparazzi lenses trained on Rob Hayles' hotel-window boxer-short reshuffling. But nor is cycling akin to syncronised ludo, so where was the TV coverage of the British track team's dominance of the World Track Championships in Los Angeles?

Four golds but TV news coverage has been minimal

OK, so newspaper coverage was reasonable and there’s going to be a highlights package on BBC Grandstand this weekend, fronted by Jill Douglas, but there’s been precious little TV news coverage of Team GB’s table-topping success.

The website of Children BBC’s Newsround carried a news report but the telly programme did not, even though there was a story potential in an 18 year old becoming world champion.

British Cycling’s photographer Larry Hickmott bemoaned the lack of British mainsteam media at the ADT Event Centre. Team GB was "ignored by so many in the media" yet the media should have lapped up the success because the UK is a country "where sporting success is rare."

Jeremy Whittle from ProCycling was trackside, and he was also representing The Times, but there no TV news crews from the UK. This, said Hickmott, is "desperately sad."

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