Moore Large has been working with an award-winning agency to actualise the "Made by the UK" campaign that is due to launch on July 1st 2016.

Forme “Made by the UK” advertising campaign launched

Moore Large has been working with an award-winning agency to actualise the "Made by the UK" campaign, which is due to launch on July 1st 2016.

For the remainder of 2016, the company will spend a minimum of £10,000 on Forme advertising each quarter. The main advertising medium will be social media, with an emphasis on Facebook in particular. Geographical areas in which Forme stockists are present will be targeted, ensuring that demand for the brand is high and products sell through.

Forme blog posts will be released on a weekly basis, covering popular topics such as best UK trails, family-friendly cycle routes, tips for buying your first road bike, must-have accessories, and guides for subjects like recovery, nutrition or maintenance. These will drive traffic to the website, increasing search engine optimisation, promoting engagement on social media, and helping to support the message that Forme create bicycles for UK riders, UK terrain and UK weather.

Forme create bicycles for the British public, all designed and tested in the UK. The inception of each model starts with a realistic conversation about what the British rider needs from their bike, given that the terrain and riding conditions are very different than the warmer climes on the continent. The result is a high-quality product designed for UK riders, UK weather conditions and UK terrain.

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