Pantour's 10mm travel trailing-link front suspension hub for road bikes and recumbents was first shown at Interbike last year and now the company is introducing lightweight suspension hubs for the rear, and a front disc-brake hub. An OE deal is imminent, Pantour's Morten Lund tells

Forget forks, this suspension goes to the hub of the matter

Claimed to have inbuilt anti-dive characteristics and to offer the lightest suspension system going, the elastomer-packed hubs get rave reviews from consumers (including online purchasers from the UK) but have yet to be specced as original equipment.

This is about to change, said Pantour president Morten Lund, inventor of the hubs. Lund is from Norway and in the 1970s dsigned active suspension systems for the likes of Lotus and Jaguar.

He understands it when people are sceptical about his suspension hubs but says that a ride soon convinces them. These aren’t hubs to hit kerbs with, but they are claimed to iron out on-road bumps.

As the wheel moves up and down in the fork, the rim moves up and down relative to the brake pads, which makes the choice of rim and wheel set-up very important.

The hub elastomers can be changed to suit rider weight.

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