So? What’s an agricultural show got to do with cycling? Plenty. In a similar fashion to Future’s MBUK on Tour, Giant, SRAM and IPC are the headline sponsors of Pedal Power, a pro-bike roadshow that takes cycling to a non-cycling audience. The first event may be off but there are many more public shows for Pedal Power to strut its stuff at

FMD causes cancellation of Bath and West Show

To replace the loss of the Bath and West Show the Pedal Power roadshow will be setting up camp at a yet-to-decided venue some time in September.

Pedal Power organiser Roger Burlinson of Maximus Productions said:

"The National Cycle Festival in York was the catalyst for Pedal Power, it was

there that I spoke with SRAM and IPC and the idea of a roadshow started to

formulate in our minds. I already knew that Giant were interested in doing

something outside the industry and joining forces seemed the ideal scenario.”

Pedal Power aims to update people’s perceptions of “pushbikes.”

”I am just starting also to approach other possible stakeholders, who can

give the project an even wider focus, to look at issues such as car/bike

usage, mobile telephony and multi-media gizmos on bikes,” Burlinson told

”Basically, we’ll be seeking to portray the usage of bikes as progressive,

functional and, most importantly of all I think, sexy to people who have no interest in cycling at all. We’ll be taking a kind of ‘Top Gear’ approach, showing all the changes in design, that make today’s bikes a wholly different experience. I think it is important that with all the other great campaigns and schemes that are all working to

improve the environment or facilities for cyclists, Pedal Power focuses

on pushing a product driven message.

“More often than not, the image of the bike as an uncomfortable, primitive transport device is the first block in the path to attracting new cyclists.”

Ian Beasant, managing director at Giant Bicycles UK said:

"Cycle manufacturers such as Giant have got to take a proactive approach to

promote cycling, it’s no good waiting for something to happen. Public shows

are always good for us, Bike 2001 was fantastic in terms of the numbers who

visited our stand and we have big hopes for Pedal Power."

Pedal Power will be attending:

Balloon Spectacular, Belvoir Castle, Notts: June 9th – 10th

Southampton Balloon Festival: June 29th – July 1st

Wirral Show: July 14th – 15th

Balloon Spectacular, Longleat: July 21st – 22nd

Town and Country Festival, Kennilworth: August 25th – 27th

Scottish Health & Fitness Show, Glasgow: October 26th – 28th

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