Floyd Landis is baiting the UCI with fake emails, cycling's equivalent of 27b/6

Floyd Landis takes on the UCI with spoof emails

David Thorne, an Australian graphic designer, has an addictive and extremely funny website, 27bslash6.com, which publishes long email conversations between Thorne and a variety of unsuspecting companies and individuals.

[For Thorne newbies, ‘Overdue’ is a good place to start].

Floyd Landis is now cycling’s equivalent of David Thorne. The disgraced cyclist was recently threatened with a lawsuit by the current and former presidents of the Union Cycliste Internationale. Landis has responded with a fake lawyer, a fake law firm website and a number of fake emails to the UCI, all of which have now been published on NYvelocity.com.

Landis has no cash and so has little to lose. The emails to the UCI are likely to divide cycle sport fans, some thinking them the work of a bitter, discredited habitual lier, others thinking them hilarious and the work of an evil genius.

The fake lawyer is Chade O. Grey working for Grey Manrod of New York City, which specialises in airspace dispute resolution, tribal diplomacy, and vegetable rights abuse advocacy. Landis has even created a fake Twitter account for Grey Manrod.

Landis has a lot of time on his hands. This could be an internet battle well worth keeping tabs on. 

A reliable associate of Landis has told BikeBiz.com that Landis admits to being behind Manrod Associates. "I’m a member of a big firm," Landis told this trustworthy third-party.

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