Euro fixie brand to be brought into UK on agency basis by employee of the Bavarian MTB brand

Fixie Inc. seals deal with Bionicon UK

Roger Seal, the UK face for Bionicon, is now also the agent for Fixie Inc.

There will be similar tie-ups between Bionicon and Fixie Inc. in other international markets.

Seal said: "You couldn’t find two bikes more different from one another if you tried. Brazed lugs, fixed gears, steel tubes, chrome, leather, minimalist, pure compared to hydroformed aluminium, adjustable geometry, integrated pneumatic suspension systems, function over form."

So why the tie?

"We share a passion for bikes no matter what shape or style," said Seal.

"We share an eye for detail, refuse to accept ‘standards’ if they make no sense. We share a determination to engineer bikes to the highest possible level and a clear vision of what the perfect bike could be."

Fixie Inc. – "cycles for heroes" – was created five years ago by Recep Yeşil & Holger Patzelt. The company won three Eurobike Design awards in 2008 but UK availability has been patchy.

Bionicon was created in 1998 by Andreas Felsl and Stefan Albrecht. They dreamt of a bike which integrated adjustable geometry and suspension. Ten years later Bionicon employs 22 people in Bavaria with subsidiaries in the USA, UK and Switzerland.

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