Distributor confirms it will handle biodegradable cleaning range

Fisher takes on bike grime with Kaaboom

Fisher Outdoor Leisure has announced that it will carry the Kaaboom bike cleaning range.

Featuring biodegradable cleaning products and degreasers, the product lines handle dirt, mud, oil and road grime. A 1.1 litre trigger spray bottle of bike cleaner leads the range, with concentrated refils (200ml and 1.1 litre) providing five times their volume in cleaner – saving space, money and reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

Kaaboom also features a 400ml spray with special nozzle for tight spots, while liquid degreaser can be applied neat or diluted with water for a soak for bike parts (available in 75ml or 1 litre bottles).

For a limited period the Kaboom range is available with a special indroductory consumer offer: A free 200ml Refill Kaaboom super concentrated cleaner, worth £4.99, will be provided with every 1.1 litre bottle of Kaaboom bike cleaner.

Stockists of the full range will receive a blue POS display kit. For more details on the range head to www.kaa-boom.co.uk, call Rob Handoll on 01727 798 364, or email rob.handoll@fisheroutdoor.co.uk.

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