Norco and Dahon to star at BikeRadar Live

Fisher Outdoor’s brands join Future event

Two of Fisher Outdoor Leisure’s bike brands will be on show at Future’s forthcoming BikeRadar Live.

Taking place in Donington on Saturday May 30th and Sunday 31st, the event is being called ‘Britain’s biggest bike bash’ featuring all bike disciplines and inclusive activities.

Dahon will be sponsoring the Dahon Folding Bike Championship of the Universe, taking place on the Saturday of the event at 7pm. The challenge will be made up of two races for the novice and for the seasoned commuter.

Dahon Demo bikes will be available to race on (and to practise the folding and unfolding technique) with prizes on offer for the winners.

Race 1, for novices, is open to any adult and will include a full lap of the circuit. The race will consist of a le mans-style start, a 50m dash and an unfolding of the bike.

Race 2, for seasoned commuters, is open to teams of two and solo riders, again with a le mans style start, 50m dash and an unfolding of the bike. Racers will also have to stop to tie a neck tie, then race a further three laps with a 50 yard finish line – where competitors will have to jump off, fold their bike and run with it to the finishing line of the light-hearted race.

While the Dahon event is free to enter, entrants are encouraged to make a donation to the official charity of the event – the Geoff Thomas Foundation.

Norco bikes will also be on hand at the event, with a demo fleet available for riders to take on a purpose-built two-mile trail designed by four time National Mountain Bike Champion Will Longden. Suitable to beginners and seasoned riders alike, it includes a Northshore area and wooded singletrack section.

To book a Norco demo ride riders should register on the day at the registration tent.

Attendees will also be able to take a Dahon bike for a demo ride on the two-mile long Donington Park motor racing circuit during the festival.

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