Fresh edition of off-road pedals available now

Fisher Outdoor launches new Look Quartz pedals

Look has released a new set of its Quartz off-road clipless pedals.

The new Look Quartz appear similar to the previous models, with a large contact area, low weight and top-notch mud clearing abilities, according to distributor Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

Look has, however, concentrated its efforts on enhancing the spring mechanism, with a redesign to ensure that the tension is improved and reliability maximised.

Naturally the new mechanism has been rigorously tested, not least by team rider Ralph Naf, who rode them to European Championship glory in 2009.

The new Look Quartz pedals come in three new versions; the Polymide bodied, cromo axled Quartz – weighing 140g per pedal, and retailing at £61.99. The Carbon bodied version has a £112.99 RRP, with an additional Carbon version – with titanium axle – weighs 120g per pedal at an RRP of £244.99.

We’ve got pics here.

Fisher Outdoor’s LOOK Brand Manager, Tim Bayley explained: "The LOOK Quartz is without doubt a high end, premium pedal with performance and reliability to match the very best on the market.

"LOOK is world renowned for producing products that serious riders aspire to. The Quartz pedals are therefore ideal for any retailer serving serious mountain bike riders and racers."

The pedals are now in stock at Fisher Outdoor Leisure –

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