Market worth £25 million in 2009, according to A to B

First survey on UK electric market published

E-Bike sales are predicted to skyrocket in 2009, according to a survey conducted by A to B editor, David Henshaw. The survey, conducted alongside UK electric bike brands, is forecasting that 23,000 e-bike will sell in 2009, 53 per cent more than the 15,000 set to have sold by late December.

"E-bikes seem to be recession proof", says editor David Henshaw. "Car sales are expected to plummet by ten per cent in 2009, but the bike manufacturers are forecasting huge growth to almost 23,000 machines."

The total value of the UK electric bike market was about £13 million in 2008, with sales of £25 million predicted for 2009.

Further emphasising the potential, the report highlights how popular the E-bikes is over mainland Europe. In the Netherlands, over 120,000 will be sold this year, and it’s thought annual sales could hit 300,000 in a few years. In Germany, e-bike sales are expected to double between 2007 and 2009.

E-bikes are legally classified as bicycles, provided they have motors of 250 watts or less, and a top assisted speed not exceeding 15mph. MOTs, road tax and insurance do not apply either.

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