, the international forum for custom frame-builders, has added a sub-forum for frame painters, frame finishers and product designers

Finishers get sub-forum on framebuilding BBS

Like the rest of, the new sub-forum aims to be both a place to swap ideas, ask questions and get answers for both professional and hobbyist alike. The categories in this forum include a section to showcase the work of the leading lights of frame finishing; a section covering finishing techniques and a place to discuss and showcase paint scheme and graphic design.

Articles will be posted regularly to encourage discussion and to start off the forum, there are features on Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing of the USA; the work of Llewellyn Bikes of Australia and his stainless steel finishing technique, plus a feature on the design process behind the Paul Smith for Mercian bikes. was started two and a half years ago and has 2000 registered users.

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