British Cycling and Fiat to highlight the importance of cyclists and motorists sharing a finite resource: roads.

Fiat enlists Olympic cyclists to front a ‘share the road’ campaign

Geraint Thomas is one of British Cycling’s star riders who will be taking part in a campaign run by Fiat "to improve relations between cyclists and motorists on the road." 

Fiat is the Official Vehicle Supplier for British Cycling. The campaign is called “Let’s clear the air” and will be launched soon. It coincides with the launch of the revised Fiat Punto.

Thomas said the campaign would help show that "we’re not guys in Lycra who don’t pay taxes," a reference to the abusive term "you don’t pay road tax" some drivers shout at cyclists. Recent adverts from Fiat ran with ‘road tax’ in large letters but Tom Johnston, press relations manager for Fiat in the UK, said the company would be using the phrase "vehicle tax" on adverts from now on.

Thomas added: "Most cyclists own cars too, so we all need to try and get along."

Last year, Ian Austin MP asked a parliamentary question about the numbers of cyclists who own cars. Minister for Local Transport Norman Baker revealed that, according to the National Travel Survey, 83 percent of cyclists own cars, which is a percentage point higher than the number of non-cyclists who own cars.

Recent ‘no more them and us’ online campaigns have included articles on and a sharing the road commentary from the AA.

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