Ryanair trimming flights to Friedrichshafen won't stifle show turnout, says Reisinger

‘Fewer flights won’t affect Eurobike attendance’

Despite Ryanair cutting flights from the UK to Friedrichshafen from May this year, the organising body behind Eurobike isn’t concerned that it will affect attendance at the cycle trade’s key date in 2010.

Eurobike is set to take place from Wednesday September 1st to 4th at Friedrichshafen, Germany. Eurobike project manager Stefan Reisinger assured BikeBiz that Ryanair’s withdrawal from flights to Friedrichshafen won’t be a problem for show visitors.

He explained: “Ryanair has concentrated its network, and is using Memmingen as one of its larger bases, with plenty of connections to Britain and elsewhere. Memmingen is only 80 kilometres from Friedrichshafen, and there’ll be free shuttle buses to the exhibition site.”

Reisinger added that there will be plenty of shuttle buses and transport alternatives for visitors and exhibitors from Britain.

“We’ll publicise low-cost fares to Friedrichshafen for Eurobike trade visitors in our international publications. There’ll be enough free shuttle buses to Memmingen airport for British exhibitors and visitors to reach Eurobike comfortably and quickly. Furthermore, the Friedrichshafen fairground is easily accessible from Zürich airport, which is about 100km from Friedrichshafen by public transport and free-of-charge shuttle buses, as well as via Friedridchshafen airport with connection via Frankfurt to several UK destinations.

“The preparations for Eurobike 2010 are going full steam ahead. We have exceptionally large numbers of bookings, for the international bicycle trade show and the demo day on Tuesday August 31st. All of the world’s leading manufacturers will be represented, and the 2010 event will once again feature the full spectrum of bikes, equipment, accessories and clothing.”

Reisinger confirmed that that Eurobike will be dedicating more space to electric bikes in 2010:

“Pedelecs are the big news in the cycle market, and along with e-bikes they’ll have an even bigger presence at Eurobike 2010 than in previous years.”

Increasing the presence of e-bikes at the show was a natural move, according to Reisinger: “This is the world’s leading bicycle fair, and LEVs are part of a growing trend, so we’ll be giving manufacturers, retailers, consumers and the media detailed insight into this technology and the synergies it offers. There’ll be more display space for e-bikes, pedelecs and LEV equipment, and direct access to a large test track. For the first time, Eurobike 2010 will also provide a proper chance to test fast pedelecs.”

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