Fenwick’s launches new website

Bicycle maintenance specialist Fenwick’s has announced the launch of its new website.

The updated online platform is designed as a repository of information on the brand and its products, and is optimised for mobile viewing. New video content is also featured, which includes product overviews and how-to guides. For sales, IBDs are advised to contact distributor ZyroFisher for a full range of prices and purchasing options.

Jonathon Smith of Fenwicks told BikeBiz: “As keen a cyclist and mechanic I’ve always developed our products with passion and ingenuity. For over 20 years we have helped cyclists enjoy their rides better by making products that really last the distance. Together with Peloton Design and People Tree Research, we conducted focus groups and thorough marketplace analysis in order to re-define our identity and refine our product range.

Our new look and range should give you the confidence and excitement to stock our products, and can be seen at www.fenwicksbike.com or www.zyrofisher.co.uk/fenwicks/. As support, our new website is designed as an information tool with clear concise product information, with simple how-to videos.

“The secondary purpose of the site is to drive customers into your store via our excellent dealer search engine. To help support high street sales, our website does not have direct online sales nor advertise prices, as we’ve always believed the best way to buy our products is through interaction with knowledgable shop staff.

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