New company reaching out to brands, guiding them with sourcing and production

Felloe launches aluminium rim, hub & spoke production services

Newly launched Felloe is offering an aluminium rim, hub and spoke production services for brands. 

The firm, named after an old English word for part of a wheel, is committed to servicing partners for all components from the axle to the ground.

Sales and marketing specialist Ricki Nethercote is one of the founding members of Felloe. He told BikeBiz: “We are dedicated to not creating a wheel brand, so it’s safe for all customers to share IP and secure production space for growing their brands and focusing on what matters most to them – competing in the market.”

"The UK particularly has a lot of small start up brands. We’re here to serve them as a trusted partner that can guide them through sourcing and production in Taiwan. This is an area underserved in the market.”

Nethercote is joined by two founding members of Felloe: Alan Slade and Josh Deetz. Slade is commercial manager and sales director at Felloe, bringing bike P&A production experience to the firm. Mentoring the company, Deetz is steeped in the cycle industry, with many years experience in alloys, component design and manufacturing know-how. A fourth (non-founding) partner, Joseph Bruce will manage IP protection.

Nethercote added: “We’re reaching out to UK firms. The production line is up and running and we’re open for business. We currently offer a comprehensive open model catalogue. Felloe is also in a position to offer custom design for customers with specific needs.

"It is exciting, we’re starting to get traction and we’ve had our first samples."

Felloe will also launch its own brand of spokes, named Pi. 

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