Brand wants to focus on bike shops

Fairdale Bikes seeks new UK partner

Fairdale Bikes is looking for a new UK distributor to bring the range to the trade.

The five year old brand is headed up by Taj Mihelich who rode BMX professionally for almost 20 years. over in the USA the brand has a very strong focus on bicycle shops and that’s something Fairdale is keen to keep going in the UK. 

Fairdale recently landed a team sponsor through Vans and the range includes cruisers, commuters, bike-trail bikes, tourers, CX and road bikes.

Mihelich told BikeBiz: "One of my long time sponsors was Odyssey BMX and so after a spine injury forced me into retirement (and being old!) they brought me on to help design for them. My BMX history had me designing parts for many different brands (and running my own, T-1) through the years so to me hands-on involvement in the product came naturally as part of riding. After a little while at Odyssey they let me start Fairdale.

"Entering our 5th year we are still a pretty new brand but constantly able to tap into Odyssey’s 30 years of manufacturing expertise and know-how. This allows us a manufacturing capacity that far exceeds our age."

"The intent of the brand is design bikes that pass on some of the special “something” that we all love about bikes. After spending my life riding my bikes my love for them is not dimmed even if my riding now is no longer pushing the limits of anything. I feel often times that bicycles are over complicated by technology that can distract from the simple joy that is riding a bike. With that said we make a line of bikes that started with the most casual rider in mind and we’ve worked our way up to our high-end steel road bike (rather than the norm which is often to start with a race bike and water it down in degrees to the lowest level).

"For all models we try to keep our sensibilities about what specs and parts really improve the riding experience of the bike (practical, durable, easy to use). Our Weekenders probably being the bikes that define us best. Our ultimate goal is help more riders fall in love with bikes."

For more details head to or email Mihelich directly.

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