The most advanced bicycle in the world – Factor 001 – launches at the Science Museum

F1 tech used to create ‘ultimate’ road bike

A bicycle touted as the ultimate road bike, and the most advanced in the world, has been unveiled today at London’s Science Museum.

The Factor 001 has been created by BERU f1systems – a firm that specialises in motorsport precision engineering. The bike makers have called the bike the first truly modern training aid for serious athletes.

Factor 001’s physical force measuring system is capable of monitoring rider’s leaning from left to right via crank sensors. Factor’s 001’s monocoque wheel is light, strong and stiff, according to BERU f1systems, and will provide a long life even in tough conditions.

Perhaps understandably, the price tag for the Factor 001 is on the high side – it can be ordered from BERU f1systems with prices ‘starting below’ the £20,000 mark.

“Our motorsport-grade material offers total consistency at any temperature and a braking surface that will deliver the same performance wet or dry, at the beginning of mountain pass or in the final hairpin of a 20km descent,” said BERU f1systems MD John Bailey.

If you want to see the bike for yourself then head to the Science Museum’s free exhibition – ‘Fast Forward: 20 ways F1TM is changing our world’.

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