Steve Peat is braking with pre-production hoses from Formula One supplier Goodridge Hose and Fittings, and the company is looking to launch production MTB hoses in April. Distribution will be via Hotlines.

F1 hydraulic hoses now available for MTBs

The Goodridge hydraulic brakeline system for MTBs is being displayed at Fietsrai, the Sandown and Harrogate shows, and also at Haymarket’s Bike 2003 show in April.

The system is derived from the hose used on F1 racing cars, but with an additional PVC sheath extruded on top to protect cycle frames, and allow easy cleaning. The two piece fitting is patent-protected and allows simple installation by either the IBD or the end user.

The fitting tail has two threads, and the seal is formed between the primary long thread and the PTFE hose by pressure against the outer collar. The secondary thread locks everything into place and provides additional strength against lateral pull and impact damage.

The hose is flexible and very strong. Other advantages include heat dissipation away from the caliper offered by the stainless braid, and the impermeability of the PTFE inner lining.

It will come in one of two coverings: clear coated and a carbon-fibre effect.

Retailer Dealer Kits have been designed for the following brakes:

Shimano 525, 555, XT, XTR

Hope Mini, M4, C2

Hayes HFX-mag, HFX-9, G1 and G2 caliper

Magura Range


Retail rices will be £25.99 front, £28.99 rear.

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