140 decibel safety accessory could be heard above all else at London Cycle Show

Extra adds Hornit cycle alarm to catalogue

Did you hear any piercing sounds intermittently ringing out at the London Bike Show? Thought you were going mad? Not so, the Hornit cycle alarm has found a home with Extra.

Touted as the world’s loudest cycle horn, the handlebar mounted unit emits short 140 decibel bursts that are designed to be heard by any vehicle on the road.

Invented by Tom De Pelet, the product is a response to cyclist’s fears that there is very little that can be done to alert motorists to their presence when danger is imminent. Boris Johnson is said to be among the users of the alarm.

The unit comes supplied with a silicon trigger that can be placed alongside shifters, or anywhere on the handlebar.

Stock is already with Extra.

(BikeBiz can personally verify that it is not a good idea to test one of these cycle horns indoors, unless of course you enjoy the wrath of your colleagues when they throw coffees over themselves.)

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