London Cycling Campaign praises changes to signage regulations

‘Except cycles’ signs now legal

Changes to regulations relating to cycling and road signage have been welcomed by the London Cycling Campaign.

The Department for Transport is removing restrictions on ‘except cycles’ tag being added to No Entry road signs. Transport minister Norman Baker announced the changes in a statement to Parliament and adds that the alterations could occur as soon as November this year.

Contraflow cycling has been difficult to implement for most highways authorities before now due to legislative restrictions and the expense, however, the DfT has now recognised the benefits offered to cyclists, who could otherwise be forced onto major roads or traffic gyratories.

LCC campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "We welcome this outbreak of common sense. London can now begin to catch up with those European cities where two-way cycling is allowed on almost all minor streets that are one-way for motor traffic."

The campaign group is also pleased with other regulation alterations, including:

  • Approval for cyclists’ stopping areas, ASLs, without lead in lanes
  • Removing restrictrions on entering an ASL across the white line
  • Signage to indicate shared use areas
  • Permission to easily allow diagonal pedestrian crossings at major junctions – one of the possible innovations suggested for improving pedestrian flows at Blackfriars Bridge
  • Fewer signage restrictions for 20mph speed limit areas, including part time 20mph limits at schools
  • Cycle route signage with named routes and time to destination, as used on the Cycle Superhighways

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