Click within for a link to a PDF download of the late issue 65 of BicycleBusiness. As previewed in issue 64, all mags will now be features-led, with just a minimum of news. The current issue is full to the brim with references to the bedroom Olympics and bottoms. Yes, it's the anatomic saddle issue...

Everything you ever wanted to know about saddles but were afraid to ask

Issue 65 contains a number of saddle features but precious little news.

This website is the news provider, the mag becomes features driven as per promise.

There’s a mag index of most of the web news stories, including dates of filing, but the full text is available online only.

Go to this link and download the 7.1mb PDF:…/FileSharing6.html

In other news...

The cost of living crisis: An opening for opportunistic bike shops?

In the first of a five-part series, The Association of Cycle Traders (ACT), the largest cycle trade organisation in the UK, helps retailers boost their business. This month, a look at how the cost of living crisis will nudge more consumers towards cycling