The Windows-format e-catalogue will be promoted to Evans Cycles' email list of 100 000 customers on Thursday. 10 percent or more of Evans' customers will be Mac users. And, like seeds sown on rocky ground, those emails are wasted, Macs can't open .exe files... And how many .exe files will get through work firewalls? .exe is a format often blocked by corporate and home firewalls because .exe files are often virus-carriers... uploads .exe sale catalogue

UPDATE:Following the publication of this piece, Evans Cycles uploaded a 5 meg PDF of the e-catalogue, recognising that Mac users exist and that not everybody will want to download an .exe file.

"The first of its kind in the cycle industry, the eCatalogue will allow customers to conveniently browse the key bargains available from the comfort of their desk top!" says the press release from Evans Cycles.

Hmm, dunno about that. Only Macs with Windows emulation software will be able to read .exe files and many PCs will make it tough for users to download such a file because of the risk of viruses.

Here’s the link to the announcement of the e-catalogue:

The file is interactive, working like a website but without the customer having to be online to browse.

A PDF of the catalogue, with less interactivity, will be uploaded later in the week, said Ben Hart, Evan Cycle’s marketing coordinator.

He’s aware that Mac users won’t be open the .exe file.

"We’re appealing to the mass here. Our research has shown that less than eight percent of our customers appear to be Mac users."

How about PC firewall blocking of .exe files?

"I agree with that, some firewalls will block the file. We’ve done our own tests and found we can open the file no problem.

"We looked at lots of e-catalogue delivery methods and feel .exe is the best one. We want to get our feet wet, give it a crack. If it doesn’t work we’ll use a different technology next time."

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